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Singapore – still dark   Leave a comment

It’s probably the most frustrating part about travelling the world; waking up at the wee hours of the morning when the country is in darkness and you are ready to start the day. I’m prepared though.  I knew this would happen.  I packed some of David’s mixed nuts and I have a cuppa on the boil.  The time is only 4.30 am but it’s 6.30 am in Brisbane.  

The flight was pretty smooth really.  I didn’t need to take the tablet the doctor gave to me in case I needed sedation.  I do admit to eating lots of Nudie Ginger during the flight though.  Business class was such a treat as I’ve never flown in such luxury.  The seat was like a park bench and I had a flat-bed and a tellie.  I could have used my laptop, but chose to leave it in the locker above me.  Staff on Singapore Airlines made the trip comfortable for me too so that, eight hours later, I arrived relatively fresh.

The customs officials could use some customer service lessons though.  The airport has three terminals and has fast trains moving between each terminal.  I managed to find the Singapore Stopover Holiday sign and followed that to claim my free this and that.  Then I did something I didn’t think I could manage (very proud) – I caught the drop-off bus and didn’t even feel queezy.  When I arrived at The Park Hotel in Clarke Quay, a man in a pure white suit held out his hand to assist me alighting from the little bus.  I stood and counted my four bags for the hundredth time.  Handbag, suitcase, laptop and backpack.  

My room is small but ample for me.  I’m on the ninth floor in the Crystal Club where I get free wifi and breakfast…my most important needs right now.  The city is still dark and it’s absolutely silent.  When the sun finally switches on, I’ll start my Singapore adventure.


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