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The last time a new building was constructed in the village of Heydon was in 1887.   The village is owned by the Estate of the Bulwer Long family at Heydon Hall, which is at the end of the village situated on fifteen acres of parkland.  The building was built way back in 1582 and, as the family still lives in the home, the public is invited to walk through the outer gardens and view the buildings from afar.  

Angie and I enjoyed the village church, the village tea-rooms and the pretty cottages within the village today after watching Sid with his remote control boats on the Sheringham pond.  The sunshine was quite warm today with no wind, which spoilt the chance of Sid’s boats skimming across the waters of Sheringham boat-pond.  He had been asked to reproduce parts and mend an antique boat some weeks ago and he’d completed the task so it was a pity the wind didn’t blow in the right direction today.  There’s always another day when I’m sure there will be plenty of gusts gathering in the sails.ImageImage



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